North Carolina's Speedy Trial Requirement

Posted by Sean P. CecilFeb 20, 20189 Comments

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently reviewed the factors for consideration of a North Carolina criminal defendant's assertion that his right to a speedy trial was violated. This article reviews the factors Courts should consider in ruling upon speedy trial motions.

Embezzlement in North Carolina

Posted by Sean P. CecilFeb 01, 20180 Comments

Employee embezzlements are fairly common charges in North Carolina state courts, and do not always involve large amount of money or "white collar" criminals. This brief article explores the elements of an employee embezzlement as well as the consequences of a conviction.

Sexual Abuse is, Among Other Things, a Personal Injury

Posted by Sean P. CecilNov 27, 20170 Comments

The news lately is full of women coming forward to explain that they have been the victim of sexual abuse. Largely involving prominent men in positions of power enabling them to intimidate, coerce, or cover up their actions, these high profile stories have emerged in a variety of contexts often i...

NC Court of Appeals re-affirms Protection of Privacy in a Home's "Curtilage" and Suppresses Marijuana

Posted by Sean P. CecilApr 19, 20170 Comments

Review of two recent North Carolina Appellate decisions, one regarding insufficient evidence to convict the accused of constructive possession and one about suppression of marijuana evidence discovered through a violation of the accused's 4th Amendment right to be free of warrantless searches in the absence of probable cause AND exigent circumstances.

Felony Larceny by Removing Anti-Shoplifting Device

Posted by Sean P. CecilFeb 12, 20167 Comments

Under North Carolina General Statute Sect. 14-72.11(2), a person is guilty of a Class H felony if the person commits larceny against a merchant "by removing, destroying, or deactivating a component of an antishoplifting or inventory control device to prevent the activation of any antishoplifting or inventory control device.

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