Pervasive Gender Discrimination Alleged at Huge Jewelry Retailer

Posted by Sean P. CecilApr 23, 20190 Comments

Today New York Times Magazine published a disturbing and detailed expose regarding ongoing allegations of gender based pay discrimination and large-scale sexual harassment at a company that owns many of the most common jewelry stores. The story details serial poor treatment of women, including successful and experienced female sales associates receiving substantially less pay than newly hired males, and sexual favors demanded by superiors. The company, which owns many high profile retail jewelry chains, including Zales, Jared, Kay, J.B. Robinson, and several more, has been fighting a class-action lawsuit for several years. Some of the details of the suit just became available to the public for the first time because of arbitration rules. 

Our firm has successfully represented plaintiff's in lawsuits alleging workplace sexual harassment. We also can help with gender-related pay disparity claims. In this day and age, no woman should feel like they need to accept demeaning and irresponsible behavior from a supervisor just so they can keep their job.