Relevant Conduct in Federal Sentencing

Posted by Sean P. CecilJul 24, 20230 Comments

Relevant Conduct is How the Feds Punish Criminal Conduct They Don't Have to Prove. This article provides the basics of relevant conduct for the uninitiated, courtesy of Eastern District of North Carolina federal criminal defense attorney Sean Cecil.

Court rules that Cell Phone Searches should be compartmentalized by data type

Posted by Sean P. CecilJan 12, 20210 Comments

Cell phone searches are increasingly common, and incredibly intrusive. This brief article explores a recent 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision ruling a search warrant for a cell phone was unconstitutionally broad because it did not limit the search to the type of data that would be responsive to the probable cause described the search warrant allowing the search.

North Carolina Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Posted by Sean P. CecilJan 06, 20210 Comments

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is illegal in North Carolina under both state and federal law. Depending on the defendant's criminal history and whether they are prosecuted in state or federal courts, the penalties can be extremely serious, and competent counsel should be retained.

North Carolina Resist, Delay, or Obstruct Charges

Posted by Sean P. CecilJan 04, 20213 Comments

Resist, Delay, or Obstruct charges in North Carolina can be frustrating to defend. Commonly known as "contempt of cop" charges, I have heard them accurately described as "no crime occurred until the police showed up." Having experienced legal counsel can positively affect the outcome of your case!

DWI Evidence Suppressed for Bad Traffic Stop

Posted by Sean P. CecilMay 27, 20190 Comments

A traffic stop based upon an anonymous tip must be supported by law enforcement observations that confirm its reliability. The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently ruled that DWI evidence discovered after a traffic stop based upon an anonymous tip must be suppressed because no such corroborating observations were made.

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