New Website, Who Dis?

Posted by Sean P. CecilApr 14, 20232 Comments

New firm, new website, some of the same great old content.

I opened a new solo firm in February, Law Office of Sean P. Cecil, PLLC. I will focus on federal and state criminal defense, with an emphasis on defending drug crime accusations. I will also handle civil matters that strike my fancy, including personal injury cases, unpaid wages lawsuits, and very occasional employment law matters. I am still part of the Criminal Justice Act Panel, accepting appointments to represent defendants in federal criminal cases.

My eight years with Travis and Steve at Edelstein & Payne was a wonderful learning and professional growth experience.  I still have the same Jones Street Office in Downtown Raleigh (free parking!), and occasionally consult, conspire, or collaborate with those two master advocates. I took the content (I created) from and redirected it to this website. Soon to be I hope you find some useful information here. I'm available for consultation, collaboration, representation, or lunch.