Embezzlement in North Carolina

Posted by Sean P. CecilFeb 01, 20180 Comments

Embezzlement has been in the local news quite a bit, since the news that the former Register of Deeds has been indicted on charges of embezzling $1.3 million dollars from the public trust. Allegedly, this was accomplished through failing to account for large numbers of cash transactions. The term "embezzlement" invokes imagery of white collar criminals and high dollar criminal conspiracies. However, it is a rather common crime in state courts, often involving relatively small sums. 

North Carolina General Statute 14-74 establishes, through rather arcane language, the crime of embezzlement by an employee. Skipping the arcane language,  to support a conviction for that particular type of embezzlement, a prosecutor must prove the defendant:

  1. Was an employee and 
  2. Either
  • Willfully took a thing of value or 
  • Embezzles or converts to his or her own use a thing of value
  • Which thing was entrusted to the employee
  • With the intent to steal it and defraud the employer

Under NC law, this type of embezzlement is a Class H felony if the value of the wrongfully taken money or item is less than $100,000.00. A Class H felony is relatively low on the spectrum of of felonies, and an individual with no criminal history or limited history can expect that they will likely receive a probationary sentence. If the value exceeds $100,000.00 the crime would likely be charged as a serious, Class C, felony.

There are other types of embezzlement under NC law, involving government employees and employees in other institutional settings. Generally, they are considered as more serious, Class F, felonies, though at the $100,000.00 threshhold they are treated the same as other embezzlement charges. 

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