Wake County DWI Case Management Plan 1-year Anniversary

Posted by Sean P. CecilAug 02, 20170 Comments

Today is the one year anniversary of Wake County's "Pilot DWI Case Management Plan", which was adopted by the court to streamline case management of Wake County DWIs and ensure greater opportunity for meaningful hearings. According to the memo published with the Plan, one of the significant changes to Wake County DWI administration is "reduction in the number of court dates/settings for a typical DWI case" which was predicted to reduce the time spent by attorneys appearing in court for continuances and less missed work for defendants. Since I did not defend Wake County DWIs prior to adoption of the Pilot Plan, I can't comment on whether it achieves its stated goals. However, the Court should be reviewing its effectiveness in the coming months. 

 Possibly because the Plan is still in the "pilot" phase, it is not published on the NC Courts website. I have attached it below for the use of attorneys and others who are unfamiliar with Wake County District Court procedures.