New study offers insights regarding expunctions

Posted by Sean P. CecilApr 06, 20190 Comments

Data  regarding positive results of an expunction can be lean, because by its very nature an expungement should not leave records. A recent study published by Michigan law professors were able to obtain and analyze the data and produced some information highlighting specific benefits of pursuing an expunction.  As reported by Prof. Rubin at the UNC School of Government blog, the authors first noted very low recidivism rates among expunction recipients. This is helpful information for policy makers who might consider expanding eligibility for such relief. The authors also found "large improvements" in employment rates and wages for folks that were able to successfully obtain an expunction, and an unfortunate gap between the number of folks eligible for relief and those who actually pursue it. The study, which was admittedly based upon Michigan law, noted the difficult eligibility requirements for expunction (set-aside under MI law). Although NC lawmakers have recently expanded expunction availability, there is room for greater expansion here without creating risk to the public. 

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