Sexual Abuse is, Among Other Things, a Personal Injury

Posted by Sean P. CecilNov 27, 20170 Comments

The news lately is full of women coming forward to explain that they have been the victim of sexual abuse. Largely involving prominent men in positions of power enabling them to intimidate, coerce, or cover up their actions, these high profile stories have emerged in a variety of contexts often involving entertainment and politics. Some effort has been made, at least in social media, to clarify that these stories are common involving less prominent men as well. They happen in employment. They happen at schools. They happen at churches. At sporting events. And, as detailed in a Buzzfeed investigative report, strip mall massage parlors

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, you have rights. A sexual (or any other) assault is a form of personal injury, and basically involves unwanted sexual touching.  

Recoverable damages for these types of cases can include medical bills for treatment, the costs of psychiatric treatment, compensation for pain, suffering, and mental distress, lost wages for work missed, and potential punitive damages. 

Most people familiar with our firm know that we are available for consultation and possible representation in workplace sexual harassment or gender discrimination cases. We also can help recover damages for sexual assaults. Our firm has decades of experience litigating claims under state and federal law, and is available for a candid, confidential consultation regarding sexual assault, regardless of whether it occurred in the workplace or the employment context. If you have been the victim of a sexual or other assault, give us a call for a free evaluation of your case.