When is my Wake County Court Date? 2024

Posted by Sean P. CecilMay 01, 20240 Comments

Don't miss your criminal court date! 

That can be easier said that done sometimes. Generally, the criminally accused is either arrested or receives a summons or other notice regarding their first court date. I have yet to see a North Carolina court that provides a written notice of a defendant's next court date. Rather, they rely on the lawyer to tell the defendant when to come back. That is an imperfect system at best. I always advise clients to immediately put their next court date in their phone, and set a reminder for the day before. However, despite our best efforts, folks frequently forget when they are supposed to come to court, or where to go when they get there. 

North Carolina began rolling out e-courts in 2023 in pilot counties. The roll-out has expanded since then, with many many hiccups along the way. In fact, the adaptation has been so problematic that the Conference of District Attorneys recently called for suspension of adaptation for other counties. Prior to e-courts, figuring out the next court date was pretty simple. It still works that way in other counties, but alas, Wake was among the first to switch to e-courts. Luckily you can use e-courts to find your next date. 

Finding your next criminal court date in Wake County North Carolina

  1. Go to the Odyssey Portal.
  2. Click on "smart" search. 
  3. Enter your last name, first name.
  4. Conquer the captcha. This can take several attempts, and is not required if you register an account first. I recommend this because the captcha is crazy.
  5. I recommend using the "advanced filtering" options to limit the unhelpful information about old cases and other people with the same name. 
  6. Sift through the results. 
  7. Once you find the case you are looking for in the search results, click on that case. It will automatically open in a new tab. 
  8. Scroll down past "case summary", "case information", "assignment information", "party information", and "case events" to Hearings. 
  9. The top entry should have the next court date information. If you are lucky it will even tell you what courtroom to go to! If not, check the screens on the first floor of the Wake County Courthouse. 

If all that fails, call the clerks office- they should be able to tell you when to come to court. 

Good luck! Call me if you would like to discuss the possibility of me representing you in your Wake County criminal matter.