Case Results

Wake County Speeding Ticket Reduced to Non-moving

January 2020

Attorney negotiated reduction of speeding ticket 23 miles per hour (48 in a 25) to a non-moving "Improper Equipment" charge. While not a complete win in the form of a dismissed charge, a reduction to a non-moving violation can be extremely beneficial- in this case the driver was facing a potential license revocation based upon the speed over the limit. By obtaining a reduction to non-moving, the driver avoids a license revocation, increased insurance costs, and any points on their driving records. 

Although we do not defend a high volume of traffic infractions, attorney Sean Cecil has relevant experience as well as working familiarity with the judges, prosecutors, who exercise discretion over these matters in Wake County, as well as the clerks who administer them. 

Practice area(s): Speeding / Traffic Ticket

Court: Wake County District Court