Case Results

Cannabis (Marijuana) Cultivation (Manufacturing) Case Dismissed

September 2021

Client was accused of growing dozens of plants at home where he had allegedly stayed with family. Client had serious medical issues that in a more civilized state would fully and legally justify the cultivation. Unfortunately, as most people know, North Carolina does not currently have a compassionate use or "medical marijuana" statute which would allow patients to grow or possess cannabis for medicinal use. However, in this case we identified significant issues with the discovery provided by the State. After a letter following up on our comprehensive discovery request, the State determined it was "unable to proceed at this time" and dismissed the case, including all the charges: Manufacture Marijuana, Possession (of marijuana) With Intent to Sell or Distribute, Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substances, and Possession of marijuana paraphernalia. Great win for the client, and we would like to think that in addition to our advocacy there was also an element of doing the right thing by the Assistant District Attorney.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Wake County Superior Court

Sean P. Cecil

Sean is an experienced advocate dedicated to justice for all people. He believes that individual human rights outweigh the freedom to make an easy dollar.