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North Carolina Wage & Hour Act Case settled for "on call" time

June 2023

We recently settled a case for a medical professional who was denied pay for time they were on call. The failure to pay had gone on beyond the statute of limitations. After a demand letter was ignored, we filed a lawsuit in Superior Court seeking double the unpaid wage, attorney fees, and unspecified other relief. The case was settled prior to discovery.

The law takes unpaid wages seriously and so does the Law Office of Sean P. Cecil, PLLC. Give us a call for a consultation if you think you have been wrongly denied compensation for on-call time. Generally speaking, there should be some compensation for on call time, where a worker has to be available to take calls or physically respond to work, and is thus seriously restricted in their movement and activities.

Practice area(s): Civil Litigation, Employment / Labor

Sean P. Cecil

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