Case Results

Felony Larceny Dismissed, Case Expunged

May 2018

For client charged with two felony counts of larceny, our Wake County criminal defense lawyer was able to negotiate a reduction to a single county of misdemeanor larceny and a deferral requiring performance of 75 hours of community service. After the client successfully completed the deferral, we followed up to ensure the case was dismissed. We then filed a motion and proposed order to expunge records relating to the case, along with the $175 filing fee for the motion, which is required when a case is dismissed as the result of successful completion of a deferral. Three months later, the expunction was granted, and records related to the case were ordered purged from law enforcement and court databases. Now our client is able to proceed in life without having to worry that embarrassing old court records would resurface. 

Any time a North Carolina criminal case is dismissed it is important to explore the possibility of an expunction (also commonly known as "expungement"). Even a dismissed case can show up on a background check or other investigation, causing embarrassment and the potential for missed opportunities. 

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Wake County District Court

Sean P. Cecil

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