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Unserved North Carolina Felony Warrant Dismissed

July 2022

Last week, after intense badgering, we were able to convince prosecutors in a different county to dismiss felony charges on a warrant that was never served. The client had been living out of state for years. After a traffic stop, the client was told that there was a warrant for his arrest in North Carolina. Incredulous, he contacted  Raleigh Criminal Defense lawyer Sean P. Cecil. Through a contact, Cecil was able to confirm the charge and the case number on the unserved warrant. After figuring out a decent contact in an out-of-county District Attorney's office, Mr. Cecil advocated for dismissal, something that prosecutors were not obligated to do, despite the passage of several years. After following up several times and being passed to different assistant DA's, Mr. Cecil's persistence paid off, and the case was dismissed. Another happy client.

If you discover that you have an unserved warrant for your arrest, don't wait for the very inconvenient moment that your warrant gets served upon you. Contact experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyers, who can make a case for dismissal of the charge, and if that doesn't work help make arrangements for service of the warrant with limited inconvenience. The criminal defense team at the Law Office of Sean P. Cecil, PLLC have experience litigating in both state and federal courts in North Carolina, and are available for consultation and representation.

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