Case Results

Wake County Felony Larceny Charge Dismissed

November 2020

Felony charges were brought against our client, a former tenant of the accuser, for taking furniture when they vacated the premises. The case was over two years old when our firm first became involved.  The alleged victim, an out of state landlord, claimed $5,000.00 in restitution. There was a factual dispute regarding whether the client was told they could keep the furniture when they moved in. As part of our investigation, we discovered that the furniture in question was essentially a "throw-in" when the landlord bought the condo. We also discovered that the property was mostly cheap fiber board crap, further damaging the out of state landlord's credibility in the case. In the end, the credibility issues apparently were too much, and the assigned prosecutor decided the case was not worth pursuing.

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Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Wake County

Sean P. Cecil

Sean is an experienced advocate dedicated to justice for all people. He believes that individual human rights outweigh the freedom to make an easy dollar.