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$500,000 Settlement for Jogger Running in the Road

August 2016

IN 2016 we settled a personal injury case for a runner who was hit by a car while jogging down a country road in pre-dawn hours. Our client suffered terrible injuries, and had believed that available insurance coverage was limited to $50,000. However, our investigation revealed that the client's own insurance policy, combined with that of one of his family members, offered considerable more coverage. After developing the facts of the case, we submitted a demand package for the limits of available coverage and were able to settle the case without extensive litigation. 

 Even if you were not in a car, or were merely a passenger in a car that wrecks, you may be covered by your own insurance policies. We recommend that everyone carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage! The minimum policy limits for NC motorists is $30,000- if you are seriously injured by a car that amount is unlikely to even cover your medical expenses, much less compensate you for lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, or lost future earning capacity! Also, there may be additional coverage in the policies of household family members. It's good to talk to a injury lawyer early to discuss your medical treatment and potential coverage as soon as possible after a wreck. 

Practice area(s): Personal Injury

Sean P. Cecil

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